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Quartz stone will be the industry's next "baby don't cry"

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Quartz products market and 20 years of stone material market at present, artificial stone market conditions similar to 10 years ago, in the future market will increase at an annual rate of 500%, has a huge market space.

Quartz, was born in Italy in 1984, the production technology for Italy in proprietary, the beginning is called thyme stone, is made up of more than 90% of the quartz crystal, and 10% resin and trace elements in vacuum conditions of high pressure large size sheet. Thyme tong company through authorized production in all over the world to establish the production bases of quartz, quartz products with quartz technology in the global spread of became the new trend. By 2007 in 14 countries and regions in the world with a total of 28 stone stone production line, the quartz, markets around the world every year tens of thousands of dollars in 1984 to $3 billion a year, now the size of the market, it is a process of rapid development, the development speed is because China quartz, activation of market become more quickly

Quartz brands abroad at present has the beautiful stone, kay SaShi, xi shi long, senor stone, gain things pass (Czech republic), etc. 16 quartz manufacturers around the world. The only a beautiful stone has 20 production lines, its products account for 90% of the market in Europe, the americas market by 70%. Although quartz production enterprises increased, the output is increasing day by day, but still far cannot satisfy the demand of the market, south Korean manufacturer quartz, annual exports of Europe and the United States market reached 130 million, the Czech stone almost all products for export. Besides quartz consumption mature regions such as Europe and the United States, the Middle East, southeast Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Japan, South Korea and other regions quartz market growth significantly. Small countries like Vietnam and Thailand have appeared in the quartz factory, quartz, are quietly into our line of sight, injection of our lives.

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